Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasOmar Epps

Emmy award winner, and a Brooklyn Native Omar Epps. His newest film is titled The Devil You Know hitting theatres April 1st. The movie is a thriller about family, brotherhood, and justice. Omar also comments on the latest Oscar debacle between Will Smith and Chris Rock and how he feels the two will likely solve any of their beef behind closed doors. Speaking of The Oscars Omar talks with Gentry about his favorite Oscar winner of all time Sidney Poitier who was the first African American to ever win the award and one of Omar's biggest role models going into the movie business.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasCedric the Entertainer

On today's episode of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas we are joined by an actor, game show host, and a stand up comedian Cedric The Entertainer. The two talk about Cedric's show on CBS, a sitcom called The Neighborhood. The series revolves around a white family moving into a predominantly black neighborhood and their day to day lives. Cedric even gives his own advice for any white families in the same situation.

Due to the recent spike in comedians being attacked on stage firstly with Chris Rock and now with Dave Chapelle being tackled in LA Gentry asks Cedric for his take on the matter. The stand up comedian tells his own horror story about his worst heckler and how he ended up shutting him down. The 58 year old Hollywood star gives his take on State Farm, all-time comedy legends, Dubai, and so much more on today's pod. Make sure to subscribe and follow for all of the latest episodes.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasTim Tebow

University of Florida legend, a BCS National Champion, Heisman Trophy winner, NFL quarterback, and an avid Christian, Tim Tebow. In this interview Gentry talks with Tebow about his new book 'Mission Possible' which is about finding your faith and finding your purpose in life. They reminisce on the dodgeball tournament Shaq held during Shaq's Fun House event where Timmy apologized for taking out the Big Diesels family jewels with a dodgeball.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasWesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes has been making a bit of a comeback as of recent. The star appears in the new Netflix limited series True Story where he plays the role of Carlton, the burdensome and seemingly jealous older brother to the show’s lead character, the Kid, played by Kevin Hart. Snipes brings the same level of intensity and awe aspiring energy to the TV screen as he’s done in several timeless films including his seminal role in the Blade trilogy, New Jack City (1991), and Demolition Man (1993), but it felt as though Snipes had disappeared over the last decade.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasCharles Oakley

One of the NBA's most legendary enforcers Charles Oakley. The NBA Hall of Famer has recently wrote a book 'The Last Enforcer'. Which goes in depth about his NBA career and the people he's met along the way. With Tom Brady's recent retirement the two talk about where he stacks up in the GOAT debate and if he has passed Michael Jordan. They revisit the historic rivalry between the Knicks and Bulls in the 90s and his relationship with MJ.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasSpike Lee

Spike Lee talks about his latest joint "Da 5 Bloods" now streaming on Netflix. Spike discusses his thoughts and feelings on the death of George Floyd and drawing comparisons to his Acadamey Award winning Film "Do the Right Thing". The New York Knicks 2020 season is over but will Spike still support his team? Give this interview a listen!
Ice T joins Gentry Thomas on Shaq Fu Radio to talk about his new movie Equal Standard

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasICE T

Ice T talks about his new movie "Equal Standard", also discussing the accountability of bad cops today and how acting came so natural to a Hustler.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasVivica A. Fox

Chosen by "People" magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. [1997] Vivica A Fox talks about relationships, her favorite movies and her new Podcast Hustling.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasDaymond John

One of the Shark's Daymond John chops it up about his new book Powershift: Transform Any Situation, Close Any Deal, and Achieve Any Outcome.
John opens up about his life in Queens growing up and learning how to co-manage his mother’s finances at a young age. From trial and practice came vision, and thus FUBU (which stands for For Us, By Us) was made.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasMichael Eric Dyson

Dyson has written more than 20 books, many of which are critical explorations of race and hip-hop. His latest, Jay-Z: Made in America, is a deep analysis of the rapper’s catalog of lyrics and its place in hip-hop, and of hip-hop’s place in the world.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasDr. Drew Pinsky

Dr. Drew Pinsky talks about covid-19 and his new podcast. He is offering ways to manage and reduce that anxiety in healthy and "proactive" ways.
Kathy Ireland
2008 Hero Awards at the Universal Hilton
Los Angeles, California - 06.06.08
Credit: (Mandatory): Nikki Nelson / WENN
[Photo via Newscom] wennphotos905382_hero_awards_19_wenn1907419.jpg

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasKathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland global brand, executive, designer talks about her new book Fashion Jungle. Loosely based on Ireland's life in the industry, Fashion Jungle is an incredibly relevant novel that deals with four women who seem to have it all, but are barely hanging on by a thread. With strong romantic themes, this Women's Fiction deals with the #MeToo movement along with the very real human trafficking that takes place in the modeling industry.

Backstage Pass with Gentry ThomasRob Dyrdek

Rob wouldn’t be anywhere without his professional skateboarding career, which was what launched him into superstardom in the first place... When we think of Rob Dyrdek, we tend to think about the crazy TV shows he’s on such as Ridiculousness and the silly antics he used to get up to on Rob and Big, and Fantasy Factory. What people might not realize about Rob Dyrdek is that he’s so much more than that goofy guy on television.

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