The Shaq Attack backpack

August 10, 20180
Finally, somebody has designed a backpack for four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal.
It’s so large. Srayground, a streetwear company that focuses on backpacks, teamed up with Shaq to create a product that fits the 7-foot-1 basketball legend. It’s available now along with a couple of other backpacks inspired by the Big Fella.

Shaq and his backpacks.

The three backpacks were designed by David Ben-David, Sprayground’s creative director and founder, with some help from Shaq himself. The two backpacks you see on the left are normal-sized, one of which features Shaq as the star of a $34 bill (a reference to the number he wore with the Los Angeles Lakers). The other portrays Shaq as a cartoon among other Sprayground characters.

Sprayground’s Shaq Attack backpack, which appears to be roughly four times the size of a standard, puts the focus on Shaq’s time with the Lakers, with whom he won three of his four NBA championship rings.

It fits!

If you’re curious to see how the Shaq Attack backpack looks on a more typically sized person, here you are:

The two regular-sized backpacks are available for $75, while the giant backpack is $100. All three are limited edition items, and according to Sprayground they won’t go back into production after the initial run.

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