Snoop Praises Shaq Rap Skills

September 6, 2023

We know, we know… it’s not a very big category. But it’s fun to know that our man Shaq has – yet again – been named the best, the top guy on a new “best of” list. 

What’s the list? It’s the not-so-big universe of NBA players (and in O’Neal’s case, former players) who are also rap music stars! No snickering – it’s a real thing. At least it is according to one of the rap OG’s, Snoop Dogg. 

One of the no-argument best players in the history of the NBA, has now been awarded the title of best baller-and-rapper by Snoop. And while Shaq was indeed one of the best players in the game, it’s cool to know that his rapper best-of notice also comes from a guy who has the history and chops to make such a statement. Snoop has topped the Billboard charts with his music for years.

Snoop Dogg’s works have been certified quadruple platinum and he has consistently performed well in the charts across a 30 year career. He’s had his share of non-music-related fame as well (have you seen those beer commercials?). We’re just saying, this is a guy who knows what he’s talking about. 

Along with the TV commercials, he’s well known by plenty of people who aren’t into rap as well. Back in 2002, he was part of the Super Bowl LVI halftime show with Dr Dre, Kendrick Lamar Eminem and Mary J Blige

Recently, Snoop took to Instagram to make his feelings known to all: “@Shaq greatest NBA rapper of all time. They think I’m on the brink of my insanity, if he isn’t spitting like this for the money, then what can it be?” Yup, even with his ‘Gram posts, Snoop is rhyming and rapping. Cool. 

Why the notice now? We’re pretty sure it comes after Snoop checked out the new collaboration between O’Neal and the Los Angeles rap group Coyote for their single, “3 Lokos”. We posted about that rap and video in a previous post here on the ShaqFu Radio blog. Wanna see the video again? Click here. 

Like we said, there aren’t a ton of NBA players (and former players) in the rap music scene. But there is one big name, a current superstar. It’s going to be interesting if Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard will have any reaction to this latest news. Lillard definitely considers himself a skilled rapper too.

Lillard even released albums a couple albums of his own, and he did manage to break into the Billboard Top 200 back in 2016. As recently as 2021, Lillard released the album ‘Different On Levels The Lord Allowed,’ with 12 original tracks. Lillard continues to pursue his musical career.

We’re thinking a great show could be put together to face off Shaq and “Dame Dolla” in a full-on rap battle. Maybe have Snoop himself as one of the judges. Stay tuned! 

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