Cowboys Win the Super Bowl? Shaq Bets the Farm

January 10, 2024

More interesting news from Shaquille O’Neal’s recent appearance on Stephen A. Smith’s show on ESPN radio and streaming service. The big man put on a really big cowboy hat and declared the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys will win this year’s Super Bowl! 

Not only that… Shaq didn’t just make the simple prediction, he literally bet the farm on it. More on that in a second, as O’Neal says the Cowboys are looking good to put a stop to their nearly three-decade-long Super Bowl drought.

For those who watch and listen to Stephen A. Smith, you know he’s a super-entertaining guy, with tons of great insights into the world of sports and the people who play them. You also know that Smith is one of the biggest Cowboy detractors out there. We don’t like to say “hater” … he simply seems to take great joy and satisfaction from watching “them Cowboys” go through their usual ups and downs. When he yells, “How ‘bout them Cowboys!” it’s not usually a good thing.

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For those keeping track of the postseason playoff schedule, the Cowboys play longtime rivals the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the NFL Wildcard games this weekend. In the past few weeks, the Packers have been sorting things out and playing a little better each week. It should be an interesting game.

On Steven A.’s show this week, Shaq was in Cowboys high gear, calling out to Smith and Dallas fans alike: “Cowboys nation, here we go! Dak Prescott, whatcha doing, baby?! Here we go, Cowboys. Here we go!”

Shaq and Dak!

Which brings up an interesting question: Is the big man really a Cowboys fan, or was he just trolling Smith? Nope. Shaq declared he’s the real thing, and then went even farther, saying “I was born and raised a Cowboys fan. I live on a 50-acre farm right down here in Texas, if they don’t win the Super Bowl, you can have my farm. Listen, here is the paper to Tex Johnson’s farm. If they don’t win the Super Bowl, you can have it. You can have the deed and the trust.”

Now, if you don’t know who Tex Johnson is, you’re not alone. Still, if you’re a regular listener to Smith’s show, you might have known that “Tex Johnson” is another alter ego name that O’Neal has used in the past to call into Smith’s shows and prank him with big props for the Cowboys.

Does he own a 50-acre farm? We’re pretty sure he doesn’t. Here on the ShaqFu Radio blog, we’ve reported in the past that O’Neal does have a mid sized mansion in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, which he bought about two years ago. According to real estate website Zillow, the home sits on a 9,931 sq. ft lot. For you non real-estate people, that’s less than a quarter of an acre.

Shaq has made some big bets in the past…and lost them, too. Years ago, he wagered basically his entire career with radio host “Mad Dog” Russo, saying he’d retire on the spot if the Arizona Diamondbacks made it to the World Series. They did in fact make the Fall Classic, but everybody stayed employed. 

So… will anything come of the bet? Will the Cowboys not only play in – but WIN – the Super Bowl this year? All events yet to happen. Either way, there’s going to be some great post-season conversations between our man Shaq and Stephen. A. Smith when it’s all over. How ‘bout them Cowboys!?

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