Mission Accomplished for Shaq – Meeting Taylor

February 12, 2024

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Stupid question, we know. Of course you did. In fact, we here at the offices of the ShaqFu Radio blog are already putting this year’s Big Game into the “instant classic” category. It really was one of the best Supers ever. Making it even more “super,” our man Shaq was there. Cool story about how he made a personal wish come true.

No surprise Shaq was in Vegas for the game. Every year for some time now, O’Neal has put on his “Shaq’s Fun House” event… a live-music-mixed-with-carnival show that happens in the Super City on the same weekend as the game itself. 

While attending a Super Bowl might be a lifetime dream for a lot of people, for Shaq, it’s probably not such a big deal. We’re not keeping track, but we’re guessing that since he’s in the same city with his Fun House event, he’s probably attended his fair share of Super Bowls.

This year, Shaq was indeed at the game, but he had his own quest in mind. Knowing – like the rest of us – that pop music superstar Taylor Swift would be there, O’Neal was on a mission to meet her. As he told an online news site just a few days before the game, it was all about “I just want to shake the hand of greatness.”

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In fact, Shaq told the “Page Six” site that he was making it his goal to meet the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce in person: “If I see Taylor Swift and get to shake her hand, take a picture, I’ll be good. She’s a fabulous person. I’m happy for her. I’m proud of her. She’s done a lot. She’s definitely a cultural icon.”

Well, the big man’s plan and wish played out, just the way he intended. Shaq had talked about hoping to score a luxury suite near (or even next to) Swift’s for the game. We’re not sure where he ended up at Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, but somehow he did manage to find his way to visit Swift and her party for a few minutes. Of course there were pictures! He posted a few on his Instagram account Sunday night. 

Either through good planning or lucky timing, Swift was able to make it to Las Vegas in time for the kickoff of the big game. Just the night before, she’s completed a four-show run of her Eras Tour in Tokyo Japan. She flew overnight from Japan to Vegas, and made it to the game just in time. Now she heads back out for the next portion of the tour. She’s got seven shows in Australia, including Melbourne and Sydney from February 16 to the 26th.

One of Shaq’s main business partners was also in the group that met up with Swift. Authentic Brands CEO Jamie Salter was there as well. He and O’Neal presented Swift with a football-shaped handbag from the collection of designer Judith Lieber. Check it out below – the bag is covered with football-colored crystals, and it sells retail for a cool $4000. 

Interestingly, this isn’t Swift’s first Lieber bag. Earlier in the year, she was presented another bag – this one in the shape of a microphone given to her by Chiefs heiresses Gracie and Ava Hunt. Those  Judith Lieber bags are popular luxury items… They come in shapes like disco balls, cameras, and a pair of lips, among others.

Way to go, Shaq! Mission accomplished! 

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