Barkley Shows the Right Way To Fall!

April 15, 2024

More of a visual post today, with some funny stuff from our man Shaq and Sir Charles. In case you missed it, there were more huge laughs on a recent edition of TNT’s Inside the NBA late last week. 

As we’ve talked about many times, the gang on “Inside” has been entertaining NBA fans and stats geeks for more than a decade now. Last Thursday night was another good example. 

It started when the TNT crew reviewed the footage of New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson going down on a play against the Sacramento Kings. Williamson took the fall by putting out his hands to try to catch himself. Not the best idea for a big man like Zion!

He ended up going to the locker room to check out his wrist. Fortunately, he returned to the game, apparently none the worse for wear (whatever that cliche means…) Still, Barkley couldn’t resist the temptation to poke some fun at Zion for his acrobatics … or lack thereof.

Thai time, it was more than just the usual Shaq-and-Charles banter. Barkley got out of his seat and demonstrated – live on the show – how Williamson “should have fallen” to avoid major injury. Seeing the show right before his eyes, Shaq couldn’t contain himself.

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Barkley rolled out on the floor of the TNT studio, saying, “You don’t try to catch yourself.” Barkley said you should keep your hands up and not catch yourself on the way to the hardwood. Check the pics and videos below… Shaq couldn’t stop laughing. 

Barkley offered some last tidbit of advice to players everywhere: “Guys at home, don’t be stupid. Your body is too much, it’s got too much force.”

Through the laughter, O’Neal asked, “Can I see that in slow motion?” And of course the crew had it all lined up. Hilarious! 

See if for yourself – click here! 

Now, as far as the playoffs go… Zion’s 31 points that night helped give the Pelicans an important win over the Kings. With the win, the Pelicans finished the regular season one game ahead of the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference.

The Play-In starts tomorrow night (as of this posting). The lineup is set: It’ll be the #10-ranked Warriors against #9 Sacramento. In the other play-in, it’s #7 New Orleans against #8-ranked Los Angeles Lakers. 

Playoff time is here! Enjoy the tournament….

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